Hammar Lifejacket Inflator MA1 UL – single point indicator model

Some big-benefit features of the Hammar MA1 UL lifejacket inflator

The Hammar MA1 UL inflator works like this
When the Inflator is lowered more than about 4 inches or so in the water, then the hydrostatic valve opens and lets the water meet the water sensitive element that in turn releases a stainless steel coil spring. The spring then drives a needle into the end of the gas cylinder, which is now punctured so that the gas instantly fills the lifejacket. Total buoyancy is often reached within 4 - 5 seconds. To manually activate the inflator, just pull the handle. The gas cylinder is then punctured with a needle and the lifejacket inflates within seconds.

NOTE: When wearing foul weather clothing a lifejacket has to overcome the fact that air is often trapped, causing the user to both surface quickly and float on their back. This may cause slow or non-activation of the Inflator, as this will place the valve uppermost, preventing it from being sufficiently submerged. An unchanged parallel position of the body to the water surface with the hydrostatic valve uppermost has the same effect. In such cases, the manual back-up (pull tab) should be used to inflate the lifejacket. Changing position in the water or jumping/falling into the water in all other ways, will activate the hydrostatic valve and the lifejacket will inflate.

Periodical checking

Don’t forget the annual service on your lifejacket!  

Please remember the periodical checking and inspection of the rest of the lifejacket. Check the instructions from the lifejacket manufacturer.
1. Check that the single point indicator is green
2. Check that the expiry date is within the limit  
3. Always inspect the sealing ring for wear and tear that can affect the sealing function

For further information on how to perform the annual service on your lifejacket click here

If your lifejacket (PFD) has been used and/or the Hammar Inflator replaced, always inflate the jacket through the oral tube and check that it stays inflated at least overnight. Empty the lifejacket (PFD) again by pushing in the non-return valve in the top of the oral tube and press out ALL RESIDUAL AIR from the bladder, so that the jacket may be folded properly. Let the lifejacket dry before packing. If you want further information please read our FAQ

Ask your dealer for replacement kits!
We hope that you accept this little inconvenience if and when your lifejacket has been in action to save your life.