Category: Safety Alerts

Unauthorized refurbished Hammar H20 HRU in circulation

2014-12-08 | Safety Alerts

It has been brought to the attention of the MCA that refurbished Hammar H20 HRUs have been placed on board ships for use with liferafts. Such HRUs should not be refurbished and are not guaranteed to work in an emergency which could result in a serious risk to safety. If such a unit is discovered on board it should be […]

Safety Information – Hammar inflator A1

2014-12-07 | Safety Alerts

Fake top labels on the Hammar inflator A1 for Inflatable lifejackets have been discovered on the market. It has recently come to our attention that someone has removed and replaced the original top label on Hammar inflators A1. The fake label has an additional five years life to extend the expiry date. The inflator is a vital part of the […]

Safety Alert on Fenner HRU

2010-05-31 | Safety Alerts

The Swedish Transport Agency published this Safety alert on Fenner HRU on May 25th 2010: ”Serious shortcomings with liferaft hydrostatic release units” The Swedish Transport Agency’s Maritime Department has identified shortcomings in a certain make of hydrostatic release units. Purchasers of hydrostatic release units are recommended to check if the units they have on board are made by Fenner and, […]

Safety alert – dangerous H20 fake copies!

2008-12-17 | Safety Alerts

It has recently come to our attention that someone is producing fake copies of our Hydrostatic Release Unit, the Hammar H20. To an untrained eye, the copy is almost identical to the original product, with HammarÍs logo and address on the labels. The fake might look almost like the original product, but there is one very important difference: the copy […]