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Validating safety at sea

Be assured of the crew and passengers’ safety with MarCode validation equipment. Hammar is always striving to bring you better solutions for safety at sea. This first step is to give you a tool to check all your H20 products’ validity and authenticity, even at sea! By scanning and registering you MarCode tag, this will create a digital link between your H20 unit and the ship it has been installed on. It is quick and easy to scan and check the MarCode – validating safety at sea.

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Validation on demand

The Hammar H20 hydrostatic release unit is designed to be safe and reliable in all extreme conditions at sea, and needs replacing every 2 years to ensure its functionality. When the new units are installed, the service crew should directly scan the units to register them for validity.

The registration means that Hammar will be able to provide an even better and faster support on any specific installation. It also makes it possible to send a notification well ahead of the expiry date for the H20 units.

The captain, safety officer or any other member of the crew are able to scan the units’ MarCode at any time, in order to validate them. This ensures the safety of both the crew and passengers.

Validation on demand

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We will continue to create better solutions for safety at sea.

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