CM Hammar – behind the scenes part II

See how the Hammar H20 is produced in our factory in Sweden. Meet our production team and follow them through all the different phases of the Hammar H20 production, from the mounting phase to the final inspection and packing.

The main part of the H20-unit is now ready to undergo our quality controls. Once passed, it continues its way through the production line.


Anthony is tying the fisherman’s knot.

The next step being the tying of the knot, which is one of the things that are still done by hand. Even in this highly automated and digitalized production, there is still no way to make the over 200 year old fisherman’s knot in a more effective and safe way than by hand. An example of how old professional knowledge and new innovations both are important in order to create high quality solutions for safety at sea.

Camilla H20

Camilla is mounting one of our many H20 combination kits.

The H20 is now ready for the final assembly where the patented weak link™ is mounted. The last step in the production is the labelling of the H20, where every unit is marked with a unique identification number. Finally the units are packed and shipped out to our customers, where they are an important link in ensuring safety for all people out there on the seas.

“When you look at our production process, you soon understand that every single step is developed with focus on quality and quality control. Of course we also work hard to streamline our production, but quality will always be our top priority. Our products are designed to save lives and we have no margins for errors”, says Åsa Olausson.