Hammar ERRS Control Panel 2 approved by US Coastguard


US Coastguard has now approved the Hammar Control Panel 2 as a remote means of releasing life rafts on U.S. inspected vessels. The Control Panel 2 is a flexible system for activation of several life saving appliances, evacuation systems and loads on ships and vessels.

– This is an important acknowledgement of the reliability and efficiency of the system’s performance. The approval is also a fundamental requirement to be able to market and sell the Control Panel 2 in the US, says Mattias Malmgren, Business Development Manager at CM Hammar. The Control Panel 2 is part of the growing Hammar product range of Electronic Remote Release Systems (ERRS), which enables the rapid release of life saving equipment with the least possible effort and the least possible risk for the crew.

– One of the biggest benefits is that the crew can activate life saving equipment from a safe position inside the ship instead of releasing the systems from a dangerous position out on the deck. Control Panel 2 also enables a very quick activation of life saving equipment. These are important features in order to reduce the consequences of an emergency situation at sea, says Mattias Malmgren.

The Control Panel 2 is a system operated from one or several ERRS Control Panels in a network and can meet specific requirements for each installation. The panel can activate Electronic Release Units for launching life rafts, evacuation systems, EPIRBS and other safety equipment. It can also be used for closing doors and air intakes in case of fire, activate alarms and release heavy loads.