Hammar strengthens the Customer Service team

Malou Aggfelt and Malena Feldt

We are pleased to welcome Malena Feldt back to our team after her maternity leave. In order to provide an even better quality of service to our customers both  Malena Feldt and Malou Aggfelt will now work full time in our Customer service and Sales department.

“I’m excited to be back at Hammar after my maternity leave”, says Malena. “Of course I will miss
staying at home with my two children, but I look forward to new challenges at Hammar and to work together with Malou.”

We now also launch our new customer service e-mail customerservice@cmhammar.com
For the best possible service please use our new address for all purchase orders, delivery inquiries and
general requests.

“We always aim to provide the best possible support to all our customers”, says Jan Calvert, Marketing Director. “By strengthening our team we hope to further develop and provide faster and better service than ever before.”

Sales and Marketing team – Jan Calvert, Mattias Malmgren, Ulla Ritvall, Malou Aggfelt and Malena Feldt