Important information on Hammar H20: New solution for better safety

During the end of 2008 it came to our attention that dangerous fake copies of our Hydrostatic release unit, the Hammar H20, had entered the market. We immediately issued a Safety Alert to warn about the risks in using these fake copies. We also provided a number of ways to check the authenticity of products used. All our customers were offered the possibility to check the serial numbers through our website.

Due to the seriousness of this matter, we have developed a new solution to make sure that you enjoy the safety and functionality of the original Hammar H20. All H20 items produced as from 24.02.2009 include a new, unique Holospot security marking. This marking will help you distinguish the original Hammar quality from dangerous fake copies. In addition we have also moved the serial number and production date to a new position next to the Holospot¬ security marking.
Here is what you should look for: Every new Hammar H20 features a 5 x 10 mm silver black Holospot label with a six number alphanumeric code, e. g. 0000ZW. Above the code the Hammar logo can be seen.


Please check that:

  • The Holospot shimmers in rainbow colours when put under direct light.
  • The alphanumeric code is different on each product.
  • The serial number and production date can be found to the left of the Holospot.


  • As from 24.02.2009: The new security marking can be found on each original Hammar H20 produced as from 24.02.2009.
  • Before 24.02.2009: To check the authenticity of H20 products produced before 24.02.2009, we recommend that you read the instructions from this Safety Alert.

For your safety:

  • Always purchase your Hammar products through approved distributors or authorised service points for life rafts and Epirbs.
  • Make sure that you receive the Hammar multilingual product manual and a raft label with each unit (for life raft H20) or Hammar marking instruction (for Epirb H20).

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact us.