Important Information – NEW SECURITY MARKING

Finally we launch our new unique digital MarCode on all H20 products produced as of 26.03.2018! CM Hammar is always striving towards strengthening the brand, broadening the product range and securing our place as market leader. This is our way to move forward and say – Better solutions for safety at sea.

Marking MED Equipment with e-tag is optional but may become mandatory in the future (Transportstyrelsen).

The MarCode will help you validate that only original and approved equipment are used on your ship. This will replace the old Holospot security marking.

By scanning the MarCode you will automatically receive a authentication confirming that the unit is an original Hammar product.

New Security Marking


Benefits of the MarCode App


• Instant authentication
• Easy identification of HRU model
• Marking- and installation manuals
• Easy access to certificates and approvals

Get started with the MarCode App


• Download the Hammar MarCode App on the App Store or Google Play
• Register as a user inside the MarCode App
• Select Scan unit in the Hammar MarCode App
• Scan the unique MarCode on the unit´s top label
You can also type in the 12 digits manually in the MarCode App for validation.

Always scan and register your Product to complete the installation, in order to receive full benefits.


New marketing material

Marketing Material