Inflatable lifejackets with Hydrostatic Inflator pre 2006 – security alert

Inflatable lifejackets equipped with Hydrostatic Inflator manufactured before 2006

CM Hammar’s top priority is you and your safety at sea. To help keep you safe, we kindly ask you to pay attention to this Safety Alert.

The Hammar Hydrostatic Inflator is attached to the lifejacket with a sealing ring. In 2006, CM Hammar upgraded the sealing ring with new state of the art raw materials, to eliminate potential defects and increase long term durability. A small number of sealing rings manufactured before 2006 have suffered premature material degradation, most likely after being exposed to extreme environmental conditions. When exposed to high temperature and high humidity for a long period of time, the sealing ring might become stiffer, change colour and in severe cases cracking of the plastic may occur. The change does not occur overnight and can be detected at the recommended service or inspections.

CM Hammar are concerned that a damaged sealing ring might put the user at risk. If you have a lifejacket manufactured before 2006 that has not been serviced recently we recommend that you contact your nearest authorized service station for an annual service. The date of manufacture can be identified on the inside of the lifejacket cover. If you still want to do the check of the sealing ring yourself please watch the film for further information.

Lifejackets manufactured after 2006 are not affected by this Safety Alert.