Interview with CEO Håkan Skutberg

ockero1With twelve years of experience from the marine industry and a true love for the sea, Håkan Skutberg is ready to lead Hammar’s indefatigable work to create better solutions for safety at sea. Skutberg has a master of business administration degree and a long experience from companies working with technology leading products and quality-conscious process development. After many years at Daros, a market leading marine engine component producer based in Göteborg, Skutberg also possesses deep knowledge of the global marine market.

“It is impressive that there still is such a strong cluster of local innovative marine companies around the former shipbuilding city of Göteborg”, says Skutberg. “Hammar is a perfect example of how a small local company can reach a market leading position on the global market through constant innovations and adaption to the customers needs. It is very inspiring to take over the baton and lead a company with 160 years of history.”

Why did you choose Hammar?
“It is always attractive to work for a company which is market leading on the global market and I soon realized that many of the challenges that Hammar is facing are similar to the challenges I had experienced at Daros. These challenges include the focus on product development, improving and strengthening the distribution networks and the commitment to quality that permeates the whole company. I also appreciate the parent company Ernströmgruppen and their model of long-term ownership and I hope that there will be more marine companies within our group in the future.”

Hammar’s vision is to substantially reduce the loss of lives at sea. How can Hammar develop its product range in order to fulfil this vision?
“Hammar has put a lot of work into the development of electronic remote release systems and our ERRS-systems have a huge potential to substantially reduce the loss of lives at sea since they enable faster and safer release of lifesaving equipment. The digital technology enables new possibilities to create better solutions for safety at sea and I believe that the main challenge for us right now is to continue our work to materialize the digital potential into safety systems that suits our customers’ need.”

ockero2How would you describe your personal relation to the sea?
Originally I’m from the mountainside of Sweden so I have always had a fondness for snow and winter sports. Now I live at the coast and my friends would probably say that I’m obsessed with the sea. I enjoy the sea mostly through kayaking, boat trips and swimming. I know from my own outdoor experiences both in the mountains and at the sea the necessity of reliable safety equipment since the weathers can change extremely quickly.