Life on a rescue vessel


Magnus Eriksson

There are many different ways to contribute to improved safety at sea. All of us who are members of the Hammar crew can contribute while we ourselves are safe in our production facilities. Others spend their whole career out there on the seas, always prepared to put their own life at risk to save others. Magnus Eriksson is one of them.

Magnus Eriksson is Chief Officer at Ocean Viking, a standby rescue vessel monitoring off shore oil platforms in the North Sea, 120 sea miles west of the Norwegian coast. Magnus Eriksson’s and his colleagues’ mission is to assist both in case of emergency situations for the crew on the oil platform and in case of oil spillage that could cause harm to the environment.

“We perform exercises six days a week and on Sundays we exercise with the crew on the oil rig. The scenario can be anything from a helicopter crash to gas leakage. We also regularly exercise man overboard scenarios with our mob boats”, says Eriksson.

Oil platforms have to be supported by a standby rescue vessel according to Norwegian law and a standby rescue vessel like Ocean Viking always has to be prepared for an emergency, regardless of weather conditions.

“The conditions can be quite rough sometimes, especially during winter. A couple of years ago we had a wind force between 20 and 48 meters per second constantly for four weeks in a row, and we had up to 24 meters high waves”, says Eriksson.

Ocean Viking is equipped to be able to assist in all kind of emergency situations. The vessel has the capacity to take on board 300 people in case of need of evacuation of the oil rig, they have oil booms to absorb oil spillage and of course firefighting equipment in case of fire at the oil rig. But during the 3 years Magnus Eriksson has worked on Ocean Viking the equipment has only been used in exercises, he has been lucky enough not to know any real life emergencies.

“The safety is very high nowadays so accidents are very rare. The worst ‘accident’ I have encountered so far is when luggage has fallen of a helicopter during change of staff at the oil rig, so we had to salvage some luggage. I hope it stays that way”, says Magnus Eriksson.

At Hammar we are proud that our products contribute to Magnus Eriksson’s and his colleagues’ safety. Both life rafts and EPIRB on board Ocean Viking are equipped with Hammar H20, the world leading hydrostatic release unit.