Meet the new generation Remote release system

The Hammar ERRS releases life rafts and other safety equipment from the bridge or other strategic positions on board within seconds.

It enables placing life rafts in different locations on board, which frees valuable deck space for passengers or cargo: a sound economic investment.

The ERRS Control Panel 2 and several systems has already been installed on board ships in different parts of the world. The systems are now in stock and available for delivery.

The new improved model includes a new control panel which offers even more functionality, better integration with other safety appliances and clearer information thanks to an OLED display. But these are just a few of its many features.

New technical product information for ERRS & MRRS.

As part of the launch of the new ERRS Control Panel 2, we have updated the Technical Product Information brochures for both ERRS and MRRS.

The brochures are available printed or as PDF-files for download.