New life for LifeSaver

The maritime safety company CM Hammar is focusing on the consumer market through the acquisition of the brand LifeSaver, including production and all rights.

LifeSaver consists of a series of specially designed lifebuoys with a number of unique features. They are used by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) among others.The lifebuoys are distributed through Watski and are already available in retail shops.

LifeSaver is a self-inflating lifebuoy designed for all types of boats, both large and small. It’s rugby-ball shape makes it easy to stow, attractive to see and above all, easy to throw, both far and accurately. As soon as it hits the water, the outer casing opens and the horseshoe lifebuoy inflates automatically. The outer casing is attached to the lifebuoy by a cord and acts as a drift anchor to prevent the lifebuoy from blowing away from the person in distress.

Other important advantages are that the lifebuoy fits people of all sizes, including children. It is easy to fasten around the body and its flexibility makes it possible to swim while it is being worn. It is also easy to lift a person wearing the lifebuoy. Furthermore, it is yellow, making the lifebuoy clearly visible in water.
The casing is made of UV and impact resistant plastic. The lifebuoy itself is made of the same durable material used in inflatable lifejackets. When LifeSaver is sold directly to boat owners, it can be fitted on the pulpit or other railings. LifeSaver is also supplied to several of the country’s largest boat manufacturers. Just as with SSRS, it folds discretely into the interior fittings.
LifeSaver has been on the market since 2006 and was developed together with SSRS. This was done because none of the traditional horseshoe lifebuoys on the market met the safety requirements. The objective was to produce a new lifebuoy in which all of the weak points in the existing products had been dealt with.

LifeSaver is distributed in Sweden, Norway and Denmark by Watski. CM Hammar has also initiated efforts to find new partners outside of Scandinavia. CM Hammar is a world leader with respect to safety components for life rafts and lifejackets. The company develops, produces and markets high-quality and innovative products for safer boating.

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