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Important information on Hammar H20: New solution for better safety

2009-02-25 |

During the end of 2008 it came to our attention that dangerous fake copies of our Hydrostatic release unit, the Hammar H20, had entered the market. We immediately issued a Safety Alert to warn about the risks in using these fake copies. We also provided a number of ways to check the authenticity of products used. All our customers were […]

Safety alert – dangerous H20 fake copies!

2008-12-17 |

It has recently come to our attention that someone is producing fake copies of our Hydrostatic Release Unit, the Hammar H20. To an untrained eye, the copy is almost identical to the original product, with HammarÍs logo and address on the labels. The fake might look almost like the original product, but there is one very important difference: the copy […]

New life for LifeSaver

2008-05-06 |

The maritime safety company CM Hammar is focusing on the consumer market through the acquisition of the brand LifeSaver, including production and all rights. LifeSaver consists of a series of specially designed lifebuoys with a number of unique features. They are used by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) among others.The lifebuoys are distributed through Watski and are already available […]

Illustration of activation of a the Hammar Lifebuoy Release System with a Electronic Release Unit (ERU) set-up

Hammar Lifebuoy product news

2007-05-06 |

The difference between life and death when someone goes overboard from a ship or vessel can be the time it takes to launch a lifebuoy to the person in the sea. Most lifebuoys nowadays are fitted in a holder on the bridge with or in similar remote areas, where quick access takes some time to reach. Hammar has now developed […]

Hammar easy release – New product

2006-04-06 |

Hammar easy release – Manual release hook To manually release a liferaft is many times the last possibility to launch a liferaft in a controlled manner before the vessel goes down. CM Hammar has developed a patented “Easy Release” slip hook system. The new product has several strong advantages: Strong construction in stainless steel, that will withstand 15 kN lashing load. […]