We are pleased to launch our new revised Product Catalogue

In this new product catalogue you will be able to find:

  • New updated section for Hammar Remote Release Systems with a number of new components for our Electronic Remote Release System – ERRS. The new components will offer much more flexible and competitive solutions for electric remote release of liferafts,  Epirbs or other lifesaving appliances.
  • Hammar Lifebuoy Release System MkII – this complete package is now even more attractive and competitive thanks to a new double-sided GRP-holder and a pre-installed metal holder and bracket. The new MkII version will offer quick and easy installation onboard the ship and lower transport cost due to change of GRP-holder design.
  • New Hammar LifeSaver – self-inflating horseshoe lifebuoy for all types of boats, both big and small. Suitable for leisure yachts and non-Solas vessels.

The catalogue will be distributed to all our customers from the middle of August in connection with your orders. If you are in urgent need of new product catalogues please contact us for special shipment.

New PDF product catalogue

A new PDF product catalogue is now available on our web-site.

Revised pricelist

The new revised pricelist will incorporate all the new products and will be distributed in early September. Please note that the price level for existing products will remain unchanged!

A new interactive guide to help you choose the right Remote Release System

Available on our web-site by early September. The guide will lead you through a few essential questions. In the end it will give you a suggestion of which system to choose and which components to order.