Press Release – Welcome and farewell…

Meet our new Technical Sales Manager

We welcome Mikael Lundholm to the Hammar family. His previous experience includes a few years within the amphibious forces in the Swedish navy, a few with different service profession and most recently from the merchant marine, where he served as a mate on a shuttle tanker.

What made you return to dry land?
Working at sea is a great job but I found out that I am most content in the company of other people, so going ashore was a way to meet more people in my work life. Also, with the family just increased to four people, it was the right time to return.

Why did you apply to Hammar? Any previous experience working with the Hammar products?
Working at sea for the last 15 years I was well familiar with the brand. What I did not now, was the sheer size of the very small company, working all around the world and only located 6 km from my home. To get the chance to be a part of Hammar and their development, is something that you do not turn down.

Substantially reducing the loss of lives at sea is Hammar’s vision – how can you assist in helping Hammar to develop its product range, in order to fulfil this vision?
Closer integration with our clients and taking a step forward in assisting with tools in the earlier design phases. With my background, I also hope we will come closer to the end user of the Hammar range. It is important for us to have more feedback on how to develop further, in order to increase safety at sea.



Jan Calvert has retired

Jan Calvert has been our trusted Senior Advisor for the past couple of years, since Mattias Malmgren assumed the role of Sales and Marketing Director, but has now retired from CM Hammar as of end of December 2018.

”It has been a great pleasure to co-operate with our fantastic customers all over the world for more than twenty years and grow the business together. The Hammar company, the products and the brand are still outstanding in the Safety at Sea business and I’m sure that the Hammar team will continue to grow the business together with all partners and customers. I will spend more time sailing, skiing and on other adventures in the future, but also keep in contact with the Hammar family. Hope to see you sometime in the future, says Jan”.

“We would like to thank Jan for his invaluable commitment and significant contributions to CM Hammar, says Håkan Skutberg, Managing Director of the company. Under Jan’s 20 years of service, CM Hammar has transformed its business portfolio, continued to expand globally and enhanced its position as one of the leading global maritime safety companies. Jan has directed CM Hammar to record turnover, created significant shareholder value and positioned the company for a great future”.

Jan is a true spirit of life with energy like no other and he will be greatly missed.