Press Release – New product developments

Finally, it is time to reveal our news! CM Hammar is always striving towards strengthening the brand, broadening the product range and securing our place as market leader. This is our way to move forward and say – Better solutions for safety at sea.

CM Hammar leads the way towards increased safety on the seas by actively developing new safety products. We develop, manufacture and supply release units for liferafts and EPIRBs, Remote Release Systems as well as Hydrostatic Inflators for lifejackets.

We are very happy to tell you more about our new product developments, the Hammar MarCode App and our new Manual Inflator.


Hammar MarCode – Validating safety at sea

We are going digital with the Hammar MarCode! You will now be able to validate all your H20 products and check its validity and authenticity, even at sea!

Validating Safety At Sea - Hammar Marcode

This first step means new possibilities and that more in detail information will be available for our distributors, service stations, safety officers and surveyors. By creating a continuous digital information flow, this will create unique advantages and efficiency, which otherwise would not be possible. The opportunities could be endless, for example access to certificates, marking- and installation manuals. Easy identification and information regarding the replacement date of your H20. The MarCode system will be replacing the Holospot system, that has been used as validator.

“This will be a great digital platform for us and for many future developments and integration of other functionalities” says CEO Håkan Skutberg.

Always scan and register your product to complete the installation, in order to receive full benefits.

The CM Hammar MarCode App will be able for downloading at METS from Google Play (Android) and from App Store (iPhone).


New Hammar Manual Inflator

The Hammar M2 Inflator is the newest member to our product range. Compared to its predecessor, the M2 has the great advantage of the single point indicator. The inflator also has a unique low-profile design and is light in weight. It is developed to meet the requirements for both commercial and leisure users, in both the quietest of waters and during the roughest conditions at sea.

New Hammar Manual

As with our other inflator products, there is no service requirements for the Hammar Inflator for 5 years. The Hammar M2 is a manual inflator and only you decide when and where you would like it to activate.


Hope to see you at METS or at Marintec.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.