Mattias Malmgren assumes the role of Sales and Marketing Director

Mattias Malmgren and Jan Calvert

Mattias Malmgren, who has been head of Business Development at CM Hammar during the last four years, is now assuming the role of Sales and Marketing Director at Hammar. Simultaneously Jan Calvert, who is approaching retirement age, is transitioning into the role of Senior Advisor.

“I am looking forward to new challenges in my position as Sales and Marketing Director. We will continue to focus on fulfilling our mission to produce world-class safety products that correspond to our customers’ demand and to provide the best possible service to our customers” says Mattias.

As Senior Advisor Jan Calvert will work with specific custom related projects and development projects. You will also continue see him presenting Hammar’s wide range of safety products at the trade shows around the world.

Jan Calvert is handing over the office outfit to Mattias Malmgren and is getting ready for sailing.

“We are very happy to still have Jan in our sales and marketing team”, says Mattias Malmgren. In his new position we will be able to use Jan Calvert’s deep knowledge and experience in the best possible way and at the same time he will have the opportunity to spend some more well deserved time for sailing and skiing.”