Press Release: New technology for life-saving at sea

Swedish maritime safety company CM Hammar presents solution to well known safety problem. With brand new technology, liferafts and epirbs can be released and float freely already when a ship or vessel is in listing position.

With current release systems on the market, safety equipment is released first when it reaches a depth of 1,5 to 4 metres. When a ship or a vessel capsizes without sinking, there is therefore a major risk that liferafts and epirbs are trapped under the craft, or never released at all.

With List Angle Detection (LAD), the new technology introduced by CM Hammar, liferafts and epirbs can be automatically released at a specified degree of list when a vessel capsizes. The released safety units reach the surface before the ship flips around, significantly reducing the risk for it to be trapped or entangled in constructions on deck.

The problem with safety equipment not being released or getting trapped under the vessel has a long history. It was most recently put under the spotlight after the tragic capsize of the anchor-handling Norwegian ship Bourbon Dolphin in 2007, when eight people lost their lives. IMO Norway proposes amendments to the current resolutions, and demands ”a release mechanism that operates immediately when the satellite Epirb reaches the surface, instead of before reaching a depth of 4 metres in any orientation.”

– We are excited about this new technology and how it can contribute to saving lives of seamen in distress all over the world. Norway requests a solution in the future, but as we see it the future is already here, says Henrik Pålsson, Managing Director at CM Hammar.

The LAD consists of a control box with two activating outputs for Hammar H20 ERU´s. The control box has an integrated inclination sensor designed to release the ERU´s automatically in case the vessel capsizes. The preset activation angle can be adjusted to suit different ships and vessels. There is also a pushbutton used for controlled manual activation. Output number two is activated automatically 2 seconds after output number one has been activated. The system has an integrated battery back-up and is built for tough marine environment.


CM Hammar is the company behind the world famous lifesaving Hammar H20. Our history stretches back to 1856, and we have been working with safety at sea almost as long. We develop, manufacture and supply release units for liferafts and EPIRBs, remote release systems, inflatable lifebuoys as well as hydrostatic inflators for lifejackets. Hammar is located in Göteborg on the west coast of Sweden, in an area with long tradition of shipping and shipbuilding.

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