H20 Small raft now with USCG approval

The Hammar H20 Small Raft model (HR-0200) is now USCG approved. 

The H20 Small Raft model (green label) is used for USCG approved liferafts < 6 persons and all recreational rafts up to 12 persons. The weak link system has a breaking strenght of 1,2 +- 0,4kN, therefor it is suitable for small rafts.HR-0200

The Hammar H20’s needs no annual service, maintenance or spare parts, but must be replaced after 2 years of use on a boat.

USCG approval no. 160.062/14/1



Product bundling

The Hammar Electric Remote Release SystemProduct bundling enables you to release liferafts and other lifesaving equipment from the bridge or other strategic locations onboard. This means that in an emergency situation, you can save precious time and possible also lives.

When purchasing the Control Panel 2 (HM-0710 and HM-0712), we have made things easier for all customers. It now comes as a complete package with a set of cable glands and a ground connection device included, which are necessary components for a complete installation.