Successful Distributors Meeting at Hammar

Distributors are getting ready to test Hammar’s products at Öckerö Maritime Centre.

There was a great interest for the Hammar H20 distributor’s meeting in June. The distributors where invited to Hammar’s facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden, and to Nammo Pyro Tech and their facilities in Lindesberg. The meeting gave the distributors an opportunity to learn more about Hammar’s products and to practice real Safety at Sea in the cold Swedish water.

Distributors from 26 countries and 4 continents came to Sweden to participate in the event. The distributors where given a much appreciated tour at the Hammar production facilities and an opportunity to meet the Hammar production team. Hammar’s Business Development Manager Mattias Malmgren also gave a detailed presentation of the Hammar product range, focusing on the huge range of different versions of Electronic Remote Release systems, ERRS, which, enables quick releases of life rafts from the bridge.

“It is of great importance for us to meet our distributors on a regular basis. Only by close contact with our customers we can assure that our products and our service correspond to their demands” says Jan Calvert, Hammar’s Sales and Marketing Director, who is very pleased with the event and the positive response from the distributors.

The distributors were also invited to Öckerö Maritime Centre, located in the Gothenburg archipelago, where Hammar products were presented and tested in real maritime environment. Many of the guests volunteered to jump into the cold Swedish water to test the Hammar products themselves.

“We wanted to give an opportunity to test our products in a realistic but safe environment in order to create a deeper knowledge of our product’s performance” says Jan Calvert.