The manual for Hammar H20 is moving online

Hammar is digitalizing our printed manual for all versions of our H20 hydrostatic release units. This means the exact same mounting information is available online instead of being included as a printed manual in the H20 box.

The printed H20 manual will be replaced by a digital version

We, at Hammar, want to do what is best for both our customers and our planet. Therefore, we have decided to remove the printed manual from our H20 box and publish it online instead. The container label will still be included in the box. However, it will no longer be attached to the H20 unit but will be placed individually in the box, leaving the label in better shape for application to life raft container.

These changes  will be made as from 31st of March.    

A manual that is updated, accessible and environmentally friendly

We believe moving our H20 manual online will bring many benefits to both our customers and our planet. By cutting down on our paper consumption and save the resources it takes to produce the manuals, we create a more environmental-friendly business and reduce our ecological footprint. A digital version of the manual will also ensure that the information is up to date at all times and is just a few clicks away.

Find the manual online or order it together with your H20 unit

To find the H20 manual online, visit or scan your H20 with the Hammar MarCode App. If needed, it is also possible to receive the manual in a printed version, just add the article HT-0019 to your H20 order.


For further questions, please contact Mikael Lundholm, Technical Sales Manager at