Easy Release slip hook system

In an emergency situation an early and controlled release of liferafts can save lives at sea. To manually release a liferaft, is many times the last possibility to launch a liferaft in a controlled manner, before the vessel is going under.

The Hammar Easy Release slip hook system is designed to be safe and easy to use in order to increase the possibilities to manually release liferafts and save lives. The Hammar Easy Release has several strong advantages:

  • Strong construction in stainless steel, that will withstand 15 kN lashing load.
  • Easy to release even under high lashing load.
  • Easy to release with only one hand.
  • Economical priced.

The Hammar Easy Release is always used together with the Hammar H20 hydrostatic release. Should the vessel sink and the liferaft is not released manually the Hammar H20, which is activated by increasing water pressure, automatically release the liferaft.

Many of the other slip hooks seen on the market today have a lot of disadvantages, such as a weak construction that will not withstand lashing load of large modern liferafts. A conventional slip hook is also difficult to release under load and often impossible to release with only one hand. CM Hammar has developed a patented solution to all these problems with the “Easy Release” slip hook system.