ERRS BO - Battery Operated System


  • ERRS BO is powered by the integrated battery, therefore it operates without external power supply from the ship.
  • The standard configuration is set to release the two units (liferafts, EPIRBS) at the same time. Different configurations are available.

Especially suitable for

Solutions demanding electronic remote system with no access to external power supply.

The system has an integrated Lithium battery pack with 5 years lifetime. The ERRS BO system is normally in a sleeping mode to save battery and the system needs to be waked up before use by removing an activation bar. ERRS is powered by the integrated battery and can be used for installations up to 150 meters in cable length.


In- and outputs

It is operated by a remote push button, a water sensor or by a HPS Hydrostatic Pressure Switch that activates one or two electric Hammar H20 Electric Remote Units. ERRS BO can be controlled from several remote release positions by adding one or more remote push buttons.

System check

ERRS performs a system check when the test push button is pressed. The system check monitors battery, ERU circuits and the wiring to an external activation switch. If the system check detects a deviation an alarm message will appear on the LED indicator.