ERRS Control Panel 2


  • Customized configuration before delivery.
  • Several Electric Release Units or relay outputs can release lifesaving appliances in pre-programmed sequences or by manual selection.
  • Sensors, switches and push buttons connected to the ERRS Control Panel 2 inputs can initiate activation on the outputs.

Especially suitable for

Ships and vessels demanding a very flexible system with customized solutions for activation of several lifesaving appliances, evacuations systems or loads.

System set-up

The configuration of the ERRS Control Panel 2 is very flexible and each installation has its own configuration parameters. The system is operated from one or several ERRS Control Panels in a network. The panels can activate outputs to release ERU ́s (Electric Release Units) for launching liferafts, evacuation systems, EPIRPS and other safety equipment. The relay outputs can also be used for closing doors and air intakes in case of fire, set an alarm or release heavy loads. Activation of these outputs can also be controlled from other remote positions by using pushbuttons and remote switches connected to the network via the inputs. The performance of the system is defined by the customized configuration of the ERRS Control Panel 2. Due to how it is programmed, the system can meet specific requirements for each installation.

Parts and interactions of the Hammar electronic remote release system Control Panel 2 (CP2)


Outputs can be activated from one or several ERRS Control Panel 2 or from added devices connected to the panels’ inputs. The system can be configured to activate in forced manual sequence, forced automatic sequence, combination of these or by manual selection of available outputs or groups of outputs. Each panel has 10 outputs for releasing H20 ERU (Electronic release unit), 2 relay outputs and 1 alarm relay output.


Every ERRS Control Panel 2 has 4 inputs (closing contact) with possibility to have broken wire detection and 2 optional isolated inputs. Different types of sensors, remote push buttons and switches can be connected to the inputs. When an input is activated, the Control Panel 2 can activate outputs or relays for initiate an action or a sequence of actions, for example launching liferafts, activate a MES or set an alarm.

System check

ERRS Control Panel 2 continuously runs system check to detect errors in the system. The system check monitors the internal backup battery and emergency power voltage, ERU circuits and communication between panels in the network. If the system check detects an error, an alarm message will appear on the display. A LED will indicate 24 VDC emergency power failure.