ERRS LRS - Local Release System


  • Release system for two units with adjustable time delay.
  • Possible to release units both manually by push button or automatically by a HPS.

Especially suitable for

Optimized for installation with few liferafts and/or EPIRBs.

ERRS LRS is easy to operate and install, saves space and is very flexible, thus providing effective management for fast evacuation of a large number of passengers. ERRS LRS can be used for installations up to 150 metres in cable length.

Example of a set-up of Hammar Local Remote System (LRS)

In – and outputs

ERRS LRS is operated by a push button on the electronic control panel that activates one or two electric Hammar H20 Electric Remote Unit ́s or relay outputs. Output number two is activated automatically 2 seconds after output number one has been activated as a standard configuration. The time delay can be configured to meet specific requirements. For activation of relay outputs an ERRS Addon modul (HM-0464) is needed and the unit has to be configured for this function.

The system can be controlled from several remote release positions by adding one or more remote push buttons. It is therefore a very flexible system for the management of safety appliances onboard.

Power supply

ERRS is powered by the ship’s emergency power supply. Each control panel is also equipped with a backup battery to ensure operation in all emergency conditions. The system can run on battery for 24 hours if the ship’s emergency power supply is interrupted.

System check

ERRS automatically performs a system check once every hour. The system check monitors battery, emergency power voltage, ERU circuits and the wiring to an external activation switch. The battery voltage is checked every 24 hours. If the system check detects a deviation an alarm message will appear on the LED indicator and the alarm output is activated. It is possible to initiate a manual system check which is useful at raft service.