Hammar MRRS - Manual Remote Release System

Hammar MRRS enables you to release liferafts from the bridge or other strategic locations onboard. This means that in an emergency situation, you can save precious time and possible also lives.

The MRRS is suitable for installations of up to 50 metres in length. By means of a vacuum pump, which is operated manually, the vacuum is conveyed via stainless steel tubing to a release unit. When the release unit is activated, a sharp knife blade cuts the rope sling holding the liferaft to be released. Vacuum pumps can be connected in parallel to give multiple control positions.

Special features

  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Simple and well proven design
  • Weatherproof and designed for harsh environment
  • No power supply is required

Specifically suited for

  • Smaller systems with few liferafts or other units
  • Installations up to 50 metres in length