The Hammar Electronic Inflator system, COR is a new patented technology. It can be customized after specific requirements and be optimized for different applications. The technology creates a rapid and reliable activation of the PFD even under extreme conditions.

A complete Hammar Electronic Inflator system consists of a battery powered Electric Control Unit (ECU) connected to an adaptor by a cable and a Cylinder Assembly with a C02 cylinder glued to the piercing unit.


The Hammar patented technology use an electric signal to ignite a small explosive charge to pierce the gas cylinder used to inflate the lifejacket. The small charge makes an efficient piercing in the cylinder giving a very rapid inflation. The method also gives superior reliability in cold condition inflations and minimizes the risk of icing. The cylinder assembly´s construction allows transportation, storage and use without any restrictions other than those applied to compressed gases.


The parameters for activation is predefined and customized to meet the users demands. The ECU can be programmed with up to up to 7 different operating modes. Preferable mode is selected by the operator by use of the mode selector in front of ECU.


The operating modes are customized and programmed at delivery from Hammar based on the combination of parameters:

  • Submersion time at a specified water depth.
  • Water pressure (depth)
  • Presence of water
  • Temperature
  • Manual Activation Only by pull tab

The above parameters can be combined to create different operating modes to meet the highly specific requirements and applications.
The COR system can be used in applications operating in rough environments when flexible parameters for activation of cylinders is required.


  • Electronically defined Activation
  • Waterproof down to 10 meters depth.
  • High inflation speed in all temperatures.
  • Battery life; approximately 4 years.
  • Product life; 10 years on the ECU and 5 years on the Cylinder Assembly.
  • Hammar Sealing Ring interface with bladder (same as MA1, M2, A1 and M1)