Other models - Automatic and manual inflators

Inflator A1

The Automatic Hammar Inflator A1 Model is the first generation of our hydrostatic inflator system and is used on older EN approved lifejackets. Today’s successor is our ISO approved MA1 model.

  • The A1 standard Model has the same unique hydrostatic valve and protection against inadvertent activation as the MA1 model.
  • No service requirement of the inflator cap for 5 years.
  • No single point indicator, so the gas cylinder has to be manually checked.
  • Protected gas cylinder

The A1 Model is compatible with the MA1 Model, but if you want to use the MA1 Model on an EN approved lifejacket, you must check with the manufacturer if that particular model is approved with the MA1 Model Inflator.

Inflator M1

The Manual Hammar Inflator M1 is only for manual activation. Pulling the red handle activates the manual inflator M1. The gas cylinder is punctured with a needle and the lifejacket inflates within seconds.

  • Only needs replacement after use
  • No expiry date on inflator cap
  • Protected gas cylinder
  • Small and light in weight
  • Compatible to upgrade from a M1 to an A1