Hammar inflation system - out of water performance

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Heavy rain won’t activate it. Large unexpected waves won’t activate it. Extreme humidity or even being exposed to the pressure in an airplane-cabin will not activate it.
The Hammar automatic inflators performance in water is of course its primary function, but you can also rely on the inflator to perform as expected, on dry land as well as being exposed to all the mentioned circumstances above. (When boarding an airplane, you should however always check with your airline if they allow inflatable lifejackets onboard.)

Since it needs both pressure and being submerged into the water: at the same time to inflate, the Hammar MA1 can easily be worn in all kinds of weather conditions.
The construction of a lifevest equipped with a Hammar automatic inflation system, makes it comparatively flexible and gives you more latitude when doing your duties at the boat – regardless of if you are out sailing during the weekend or if your competing in a worldwide ocean race.

Features of the Hammar lifejacket inflator

  • Protection against inadvertent activation
  • Single point indicator. Red = needs replacement. Green = ready for use!
  • No service requirements for the Hammar Inflator for 5 years
  • Protected gas cylinder


Out of Water Performance


The out of water technology

Equipped with a hydrostatic valve

The Hammar Inflators hydrostatic valve gives a unique protection against inadvertent inflation in case of rain, spray, splash or humidity.

Single point indicator clearly shows the status of your Hammar Inflator

When the single point indicator is green ( ) the inflator is ready for use. After activation (automatic or manual) the indicator turns red ( ) and the inflator must be replaced. Always check the single point indicator before using your lifejacket.

Protected gas cylinder

The gas cylinder is located inside the inflatable bladder and therefore protected from the atmosphere, corrosive effects of salt water and reduces snagging hazards. Extreme cold conditions will not affect the hydrostatic system due the cylinder location inside the bladder and moisture cannot get in to form ice. Furthermore, the CO2 does not have to enter through a valve to inflate the lifejacket, therefore the risk for icing is minimized.

Service / Maintenance

The Hammar automatic inflator is easy to maintain: just ensure that the inflator is replaced after five years expiry date or when the single point indicator is red. Here is some more information about service and maintenance.