Safety alert – dangerous H20 fake copies!

It has recently come to our attention that someone is producing fake copies of our Hydrostatic Release Unit, the Hammar H20. To an untrained eye, the copy is almost identical to the original product, with HammarÍs logo and address on the labels. The fake might look almost like the original product, but there is one very important difference: the copy does not work!

We have tested several of the copies. Not a single one of them worked properly according to SOLASÍ specification – the fake H20 will definitely not release a life raft or an Epirb. We see this as a very serious situation. There can be a number of ships at sea that are sailing with fake Hydrostatic Release Units. If any of these ships were to sink, there will definitely be no life rafts or Epirbs that will help to rescue the seafarers in danger!


How kan you quickly check that you have the original Hammar H20?

  • Always purchase your products through approved distributors or authorised service points for life rafts and Epirbs
  • Make sure that you receive the Hammar multilingual product manual and a raft label with each unit (for life raft H20) or Hammar marking instruction (for Epirb H20) (see the enclosed photo)
  • If you check on the underside of the Hammar H20 you should be able to find 5 (five) fabrication marks on all units produced since April 2006. Units produced before that date have only 2 (two) fabrication marks (see the enclosed photo)
  • The fabrication mark on the upper side of the unit must always point directly towards the rope (see the enclosed photo)
  • The serial number and production date can always be verified by contacting CM Hammar here If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact us.