Safety Alert on Fenner HRU

The Swedish Transport Agency published this Safety alert on Fenner HRU on May 25th 2010:

”Serious shortcomings with liferaft hydrostatic release units”

The Swedish Transport Agency’s Maritime Department has identified shortcomings in a certain make of hydrostatic release units. Purchasers of hydrostatic release units are recommended to check if the units they have on board are made by Fenner and, if so, to replace them. The Swedish Transport Agency’s Maritime Department recently discovered that Fenner Hydrostatic Release Units for Liferafts (HRU) do not meet the quality requirements specified by the International Maritime Organization, the IMO.

The Swedish Transport Agency’s inspectors purchased and tested the function of 10 brand-new units and the results revealed that 9 of the 10 failed to function as per the specified requirements. Only 1 of the 10 release units deployed at less than 4 metres water depth, which is the requirement. Only 2 of the 10 units (of which one at more than 4 metres depth) completely cut the line.

Lloyds Register, which issued type approval for these products, has been informed about the shortcomings and is preparing to withdraw the product’s type approval certification. The Swedish Transport Agency hereby wishes to notify the shipping industry and operators whose vessels are equipped with hydrostatic release units to check if the Fenner HRU is fitted on board and if so, to immediately replace them with other type-approved (Conformity Mark) makes.

Facts about the hydrostatic release units Product description:
Product description: “Fenner HRU” Disposable Hydrostatic Release Unit for Liferafts
Manufacturer: Fenerci Denizcilik Egitim Dis Ticaret Ltd Sti, Turkey
Type approval: Cert. no. SAS S070022/M1 issued by Lloyds Register on 14 June 2007”

Please contact Anders Lundblad at the Swedish Transport Agency for more information:
Phone: +46 11 415 23 60
Mobile: +46 70 633 82 50

The Safety Alert can be found on the Swedish Transport Agency website: