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Safety Notice


Plastimo and C.M. Hammar AB have commonly investigated slow inflations in Plastimo lifejackets using iSi Components GmbH CO2 Cylinders together with Hammar MA1 inflation system. Slow inflation is defined as an activation of the mech with longer than 5 seconds to inflate the bladder with gas.

Extensive testing at both C.M. Hammar AB and Plastimo has been conducted and the only common factor for the slow inflations identified are currently two specific CO2 cylinder batches from iSi used for Plastimo production. During the process, more than 700 sets of MA1 inflators have been tested and activated without any deviation. This includes Hammar MA1 Inflation Systems from the very same production batches concerned, using other gas cylinder manufacturers, but also gas cylinders from iSi before and after the time period concerned.

The impacted gas cylinders contain deviations in substance compared to earlier and later batches when tested at an accredited test institute. Images below show particles and discoloured bladder fabric of foreign content in the gas appearing after activation.

Test protocols and accredited test institute results are available upon request, contact robert.s@cmhammar.com