Plastic bolt, KANNAD (56mm x M8)


  • Product Specification:Including 2 washers
  • Weight:0.006kg
For older models of Kannad EPIRBs (see list below) Includes:
  • 1pc, Bolt / Rod
    • Hole Ø=8mm
    • L=50mm
    • Th L=45mm
    • H=15mm
    • O L=70mm
    • Th W=M8, 7,9mm
  • 2pcs, Washer, HE-0041
Replace Hammar H20E Hydrostatic Release Unit and bolt after two years of service. Use only manufacturer-approved replacement bolt. For models: KANNAD 406 F/P KANNAD 406 FH/PH KANNAD 406 FW/PW KANNAD 406 PH/WH KANNAD 406 GPS PRO KANNAD 406 PRO KANNAD Auto GPS KANNAD Auto