Discontinued: Release Switch, Flush Mount



  • Product Specification:For integration to panel, Replaced by HM-0551
  • Backup Battery:None
  • Dimensions:47x34x23 / 35x40x21
  • Outputs:1
  • Weight:0.15kg
For the release of one ERU, in ERRS (Electronic Remote Release Systems) for Liferafts, EPIRBs or Lifebuoys. The Release Switch, Flush mount is used for integration to a panel inside a weather-protected area. The components are the same parts as installed in HM-0450. Includes:
  • Release Switch module and an
  • Electronic switch module.
The hole diameter for mounting the Release Switch module in a panel is 16mm. The electronic switch module has two fastening holes with a diameter of 4mm and shall be mounted protected on the inside of the instrument panel.