LAD for Rightning Bag

The Control Unit for the Automatic Rightening Bag System


  • Product Specification:Control Unit
  • Dimensions:120x160x91mm (excl glands)
  • Inputs:12/24V Em'cy Power
  • Outputs:2
  • Release Depth:120 deg
  • Weight:0,9kg

Activates a Pyro/Manual Operating Head based on a list angle to aid a capsized boat to automatically get back on its right keel by inflating a a buoyancy chamber/ Rightning Bag. At 120deg list angle the system will send a signal to activate a Pyro/Manual Operating Head. The may aslo open a NO relay at 90 deg list angle to shut down engines or close air inlets to engine room. The system goes back to monitoring mode when back on the right keel. A self check is performed every time the system is powered up and will indicate a green status LED for 5 seconds. While in monitoring mode the LED stays off until an error is detected or the system activates on a list-angle.

The Operating Head has a manual activation option making it possible to use a wire from the stern as back up.

LAD Control Unit
LED indicator, 3 colour

Not included:
Connector Box, HM-0430
Cable Control Unit to Connector Box, Marine Grade 2x0,75mm2, HM-0440
Cable, Control Unit to LED, 3x0,75mm2
Pyro/Manual Operating Head, TR-0210

Rearming Kit:
Protractor Assembly, TR-0211
Reset Tool, Multiple Use, TR-0212