ERRS Control Box LAD

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  • Product Specification:List Angle Detection system
  • Backup Battery:Up to 12 hours, Li-battery
  • Dimensions:124x184x100
  • Inputs:1
  • Outputs:2
  • Transport:Dangerous Goods - extra cost for transportation will be added
  • Weight:2.05kg

Automatic release of liferaft/EPIRB at a specified degree of list. Two active outputs and one input for hydrostatic pressure switch - HPS or remote push button. 24V emergency power. Battery back-up with 5 years lifetime. IP66 class. Colour: beige/grey. If mounted outside the bridge or wheel-house the release switch shall be mounted in a weather-protected enclosure with minimum IP67. The battery is of lithium type and is shipped as Dangerous Goods