Polar Box EX

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  • Approvals:IECEX and ATEX approved, EC approved
  • Product Specification:Heated for two H20 ERU EX
  • Breaking Strength:White rope sling: minimum 15 kN, Weak link: 2,2 +/- 0,4 kN
  • Release Depth:1,5-4 m

The Polar Box is designed to offer the float-free function of the H20 Hydrostatic Release Units down to minus 50 degrees, a requirement under the IMO Polar Code. The electrically-heated box for two H20 ERUs is approved for use in EX-classed areas onboard. The first ERU releases the liferaft lashing, second ERU cuts the additional electrical cord for Liferaft Heating. Order HM-0807 and HM-0809 for replacement HRUs