• bouyancy150
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Comfortable and lightweight, the Pilot 165 is the perfect all-rounder, ideal for all nautical activities. Buoyancy : Rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N.

With harness : the attachment point for tether is a textile loop with retro-reflective thread to optimize visibility at night. This lightweight textile loop is more ergonomic and replaces the traditional stainless-steel loop.

  • Buoyancy : Rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N
  • Ergonomic design, elegant and modern : very flexible and boddy-hugging providing a perfect fit to an active crew. Slim cut with optimized folding : just the right degree of compactness to preserve flexibility


  • Actual Buoyancy 165N
  • CO2 Cylinder Size 33gr
  • Crotch Strap Optional