Lifebuoy Release System MK II



  • Product Specification:Package for electric/water release , without cable and connector box
  • Release Depth:1,5 - 4,0 metres
  • Weight:18kg

Included in the kit:
* One GRP holder with pre-installed metal holder.
* One ERU (electric remote unit) with cord pre-installed on the metal holder. Cable length 1,5m
* One Release Switch in a protective box to be mounted at the wheelhouse or bridge. Colour: silky grey. IP 66 class. If mounted outside it shall be protected by an outer protective enclosure. Maximum diameter for cable: 12mm.
* One manual safety pin in stainless steel
* One pilot line for loading the lifebuoy
* Installation manual, user guide and test of the LifeBuoy Release System document.

For measurements please ask for drawings.

Not supplied in the kit from Hammar:

Lifebuoy (any SOLAS lifebuoy will fit the GRP holder)
Mounting bolts and fittings for installation on board.
Cable and connector box

Rearming kit HM-0630

*GRP-holder may be made available in Navy Grey upon request