Control Panel 2, with Back-Up Battery



  • Product Specification:Incl. full set of cable glands and Ground Connection Device
  • Backup Battery:Up to 20 h, rechargable
  • Dimensions:125x122x83,5 mm
  • Inputs:2 + 4
  • Outputs:10 + 2
  • Weight:2.62kg
The Control Panel 2 is a Control Unit in an Electronic Remote Release System, it is Hammar's most advanced Control Unit customized solutions for activation of several lifesaving appliances, evacuation systems or loads. The Unit is capable of handling up to 10 Release Units (ERU) and 2 Input Relays and another 2 ERUs + 4 input sensors with small modifications. A Control Panel 2 can play a centralized role in controlled, safe and fast evacuation on a vessel. CP2 is a programmed on delivery based on the set-up on the individual vessel and can activate ERUs individually or in a predefined sequence differentiated in time. It is a self-checking system and will bring not attention until awoken from it's idle state or an error was detected. The CP2 may be used to open hatches or close fire doors. The HM-0710 has a rechargeable back-up battery (HM-0725) in case of power failure on the ships 24V DC emergency power supply.