Hammar News

Release Switch and IRPB in New Design

The ERRS Control Unit; Release Switch and Input Sensor; IRPB (Intelligent Remote Push Button) are redesigned.
The main benefits are:
Smaller footprint, easier installation, improved quality, IP66 (for installation on deck, installing into an enclosure is still recommended)

Release Switch, HM-0550 replaces HM-0450
Flush-mount Release Switch, HM-0551 supersedes HM-0451
IRPB, HM-0552 supersedes HM-0452

For IRPB and Release Switch in Protective Encoslures:

HM-0771-0450 superseded by HM-0773-0550
HM-0771-0452 substituted by HM-0773-0552

Lifebuoy Release Systems, HM-0600 and HM-0601 will also be updated with the new design Release Switch