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New Marketing Material: Animated Videos on MA1

Hammar has produced animated videos presenting the working principles of the MA1 inflation system. The videos will you How it works and Unique Selling Points. The videos will also explain…
April 27th, 2022
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New Marketing Material: Animated Videos on H20

Hammar has updated the videos demonstrating the principles of an H20 Hydrostatic Release Unit. The video material is available on the homepage and on our YouTube Channel, www.youtube.com/c/cmhammar  
April 27th, 2022

New Product: Split Plate for Dual Assembly

As per the installation guidelines; a Dual Assembly with two connection points to the deck, such as the HC-0214, shall be installed with a separation of 6-12cm. In cases where…
April 27th, 2022

New Product: Pipe Clamp for MRRS

Introducing a clamp for smooth fixation of stainless steel tubing from Pump to U-console in a Manual Remote Release System. Available as part TR-0040
April 27th, 2022

New Product: Splicing Connector

Introducing quick connection for wiring in ERRS. Available for as article TR-0017
April 27th, 2022

New Product: Assembled Body/Cylinder

IB-0600-33/38/60 – Manual / Automatic Body MA1 EC permanently fixed CO2-Cylinder. Available in three different sizes; 33gr CO2 (IB-0600-33)  38gr CO2 (IB-0600-38) 60gr CO2 (IB-0600-60)
April 27th, 2022

New Product: IA-0603

IA-0603 – MA1 Cap only Rearming Kit includes: Cap, IA-0606 (Manual Pull Cord 165mm), Opening Key, IT-0002 and Rearming Instructions
April 27th, 2022

New Product – HM-0414

HM-0414 – H20 ERU Standard SOLAS model (RED/YELLOW) The Electronic Release Unit (ERU) adds remote release capability to a HR-0102      
April 26th, 2022